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August 2008



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Aug. 28th, 2008


Put your hand up if you missed me! :p

I missed you too!

Within the last three months, I...

... moved to Sydney.
... switched jobs.
... have been thrown into the deep end at work.
... have been reconnecting with old friends.
... have been making new friends.
... have been getting to know someone.
... have farewelled loved ones.
... have been making travel plans.
... have booked my flights to Cuba.
... have been dancing loads.
... have reached the peak of football madness.
... have gained a renewed love for Jason Mraz and his music.
... have been to the circus.
... have been to the AFL.
... have been shopping less.
... have gotten sick with the flu and the nasty Sydney bug.
... have been eating more and putting on weight.
... have joined the gym.
... have had a haircut.
... have had a 3-day birthday celebration.
... turned 26. And so far, 26 has been fantastic!

I'm very blessed. I have so much love to share and gratitude to express. I know it seems like a lot of cheese but it's really where I am at the moment. I am very thankful.

A long update is in order. But in the meantime, here's one thing that never ever fails to make me feel good about life.

Let's salsa!!!

May. 31st, 2008



Apr. 8th, 2008


First love never dies.

Wala lang. Bakit ba? :p

Thanks Len!

Apr. 7th, 2008

miss marc

Weekend Recap

The search for the ponti dress has ended.

I was planning to look for it in Tuggeranong on Friday after work but my big sister beat me to it. Thanks Regininha! You're too sweet. :)

zac posen ponti dress

I still went ahead with my after work plans and arranged to meet up with Regininha in Tuggeranong for dinner. I had a bit of time to kill whilst waiting for her to finish work so I decided to try more Zac Posen clothes at Target. I couldn't believe that they still had most of the pieces in size 6's. So. Very. Tempting.

I was seriously thinking of the asymmetrical skirt until I came across the outwear jacket. I tried it on and it was perfect. I rang Miel for a quick consultation and just as I was telling her that I've decided to walk away from it, Regininha arrived and started convincing me to do otherwise. It sure didn't help that random people were walking up to me and showering me with compliments. The final straw was seeing this photo that Regina took whilst I was prancing around the store. And then came the approval from the SNSA.

trying it on at the shops

So much for sense and sensibility, hey. *shrug*

From there, we moved to Civic and bought Rodney his birthday present. I had no idea what to give him and with Regina's help, I finally decided on this purple Hugo Boss tie. We capped the night off with dinner at a Singaporean restaurant called La Pasa. The food was pretty average and I would've been more picky if it were any other day but I was just happy to be able to catch up with my big sister.


Yesterday, I went to the Kokoloco Studio's anniversary party with some friends from salsa class. I bussed it to Thai Spice and met up with Viv and Jane for a quick dinner beforehand. Dinner lasted longer than planned as we chatted through pad thai, chicken curry and pad see eeaw guy. The food was great as usual. We finished everything despite the generous serving portions and left the restaurant wondering how we'll manage in our tiny dresses as well as how can avoid side stitches whilst dancing.

We finally got to Kokoloco where Maddie and Ali were already waiting for us. We were just in time for the junior salsa routine performance. Things were kinda off to a slow start as it seemed like there weren't enough male dancers at the party. Plus we didn't come to the party with any guy friends so we didn't really have anyone to dance with. Our friend Jane was the confident one in the group and she'd randomly move from our circle and next thing we know, she had already asked someone to dance with her. She did the asking on our behalf as well. It was pretty funny. I danced with this guy who thought he was hot stuff. He'd spin me over and over again but he wouldn't be there to catch me. I'm sure he knew the steps and had a bit of technique all figured out but he was forgetting the most important rule of all. And that is to look after the girl. I must've kept up with him alright because he asked me for a couple more dances but seriously… I had a few close calls and was somewhat surprised that not once did I fall over. Viv texted Crom at some stage and he ended up coming to the party and giving his X-Files marathon a miss. It's always good to dance with him because he's one of the better leads in Canberra and he really makes the girl shine everytime. Nevermind that he's linear and I'm Cuban. I'm still having trouble with linear but I think I'm getting used to it more and more. I'm pretty sure I'll stick to being Cuban though. :)

It was a great night altogether. I can't wait for Tropicana this week!

Apr. 4th, 2008

miss marc

Posing in Posen, marking for Marc.

It was a choice between Liverpool and Zac Posen. I picked the Reds and it didn't even turn out to be a very exciting game. Yes, I know. Since when has football been more important than fashion?

I decided to pop by Target after work to check what was left of the Zac Posen collection... if there was even anything at all. I was surprised to see lots of 6's in a variety of styles but what I really wanted were the pussy bow shirt and the ponti dress. They were both gone. After trying clothes on for what seemed like forever, I finally decided on these:

I love this shirt! It reminds me of those puffy shirts that men wore in the 17th century but with a very feminine feel to it.

zac posen pleated shirt

I also got this pretty georgette skirt which I paired with a Gail Sorronda top and MJ shoes. It would've been a great summer outfit if only summer hadn't already come and gone. Ah well... it'll be good for salsa anytime. :)

zac meets marc meets yeojin

I'm still after the ponti dress so I'll probably try my luck out at Tuggers later. And after that, sense and sensibility na talaga!


I'm loving MBMJ more and more (if that's even possible). How cute are these things from the Spring collection?

I can't get over how adorable this is. I saw a photo of it in yellow a couple of months back but I think the blue has started grabbing me more. I love the scribbles and the rope handles. And it meets my requirements in terms of size. Uh oh... I can smell trouble coming.

i want you.

With matching payong pa!

amour umbrella

Black or blue?

airliner wallet in blackairliner wallet in foam

Apr. 3rd, 2008

Good morning sunshine!

lfc fan

In my pyjamas and my Torres jersey for the Champions League match between Liverpool and Arsenal. It was a draw. Arsenal played a better game but Liverpool got lucky. What a relief. There's still next week though.

You'll never walk alone.


In other news, my #1 beat Schalke yesterday. No surprise there, really. Go Barca!

Apr. 2nd, 2008

self portrait

Autumn Flow

I've never been more prepared for autumn to flow. Things are finally going my way and April is rolling along just fine.

I feel blessed and am very grateful.


Lior warms my heart and fills my soul. :)

Oh, feels like Autumn's back so soon
I see my father turning grey under a silver moon
Don't remember when he was a young man anymore
Well that's just too long ago
Suddenly i'll be asking if you'll love me all the time
Even when diamond loses its shine

Oh, the heaviness of loss and the weightlessness of a baby boy
The dispair and the imminent joy

You know temptation only shows you one side of its face
Got to make sure you see the other before you join the rat race
Don't know why i'm so happy to take care of you
But i've learned to go with the flow and thats what the flow wants to do

So i don't need to tell you, do i my girl
That you are sunshine, you're everything good in the world
Well you know i'm thinking 'bout myself less and less
Only holler if it's S.O.S
Mmm, taking bigger steps to get to you
Happy to sit here and watch you and i grow
And bathe in this sweet Autumn Flow

You know temptation only shows you one side of it's face
Got to make sure you see the other before you join the rat race
Don't know why i'm so happy to take care of you
But i've learned to go with the flow and thats what the flow
That's what the flow wants to do

Mar. 30th, 2008

self portrait

10 things I hate about you

1. You take 5 minutes to send a text message.
2. And even longer to send MMS.
3. You randomly turn yourself off.
4. You cut conversations and drop out during calls.
5. You tell me that the call is in progress but I hear dead silence on the other end of the line.
6. Your screen hangs and I always have to turn you off and on again.
7. You choose your own ring tones instead of following the ones I assigned.
8. When writing text messages, you sometimes enter weird symbols instead of the characters that I tell you to.
9. People tell me they've rung but you don't always register their missed calls.
10. You ARE terribly slow.

So adios, N73. I think it's time to let you go.

adios, n73!


Conversation between myself and the 3 guy

3G: What kind of phone are you looking into getting?
D: I haven't really decided. The extra features would be nice but to be honest, all I really care about are the basics.
3G: Well have a look over here. You can get anything on this shelf.
D: So which of these phones are good? Or should I ask which ones have you received complaints about?
3G: Hmmm... they all work really well except for this one. It's really buggy and the software upgrade is useless.
D: *turns around and checks the phone that 3G is talking about* Hello there N73!

I then took my phone out of my bag and held it up for 3G to see. He had a good laugh and said he was surprised I didn't get it replaced earlier.

Oh and I ended up going home with this:

it's purple and it's free :)

Mar. 19th, 2008

self portrait

Bluesfest, here we come!

We're off to Byron Bay! See you next week friends!

Byron Bay, here we come!
self portrait

Does it get busier than this?

I've been to-ing and fro-ing between Canberra and Sydney all week. I was in Sydney on Monday because it was a public holiday and I thought the extra day away would do me good. I drove back to Canberra with Marcus and Nat that evening, had three frantic days at work and by Thursday, I was back in Sydney again for a couple of job interviews.

Weekend Highlights

1. Crashing at Len and Drew's place. I call them my Courtney Cox and David Arquette. I just love them to bits. They've been really great and supportive especially over the last couple of months and I couldn't be more thankful. Hang time with them is always no-fuss and steady. I got to their place on Thursday and spent the rest of the evening chatting and having dinner in front of the telly.

2. The job interviews. The plan has always been to move to Sydney after I get my permanent residency. And three weeks ago, I finally decided to check out the market and see if I find anything that suits. I haven't had to apply for a new job in over three years so needless to say, this was a very bg step for me. I went on my first two interviews last Friday and received positive feedback on both. It's too early to say more at this stage but things are looking promising so far. Please please please pray and project for me. I want to be in Sydney by May. :)

3. Gael in the lift. I got to my first interview really early so after checking in with the receptionist, I decided to have breakfast in the cafe downstairs. I was waiting for the lift and when the doors finally opened, lo and behold! Gael Garcia Bernal was standing right in front of me! Ok, it wasn't really Gael but he looked exactly like him. He even had Gael's piercing green eyes. We smiled at each other and I just stood behind him to avoid any eye contact. And buti na lang walang mirrors sa lift or he would've caught me blushing. I was talking to Lars about it later on and she said I should've said hello. And pano daw if si Gael talaga yon (impossible... what would Gael be doing there?)? LARSSSSSS! Oh well...

4. My lucky shirt. I was walking around QVB when I realised that my shirt had a big rip across the back. The thought of it being ripped during one or both of my interviews was horrifying. I panicked a little bit but I thought it was pointless at that stage. I quickly jumped into Ally and bought a replacement top to wear to dinner. This is what it looks like today:

lucky shirt

5. Meeting up with Miel and Lars after work. I met up with Lars after she finished work and we hung out with her workmates for a little bit. We went to Bungalow and didn't get anything because they had dinner reservations somewhere else and they were just waiting for a couple more people to arrive. I also met up with Miel and we went to Lindt Cafe. I showed her my lucky shirt and apparently the exact same thing happened to her. She said that the iron must've been too hot and true enough, the part where it ripped was brittle when I checked it. Le sigh. We'll have to go shopping for business shirts together Miel... after the shopping ban has been lifted, of course.

6. Dinner with Tita Lorna and Tito Dennis at Chinta Ria. It was Friday and I was fasting so I didn't eat as much as I normally do. It was very tempting though and I almost gave into trying the duck at one stage. I just distracted myself with exchanging cuentos with Tita Lorna and Tito Dennis. The main topics of conversation for the evening were Ramon, moving to Sydney, the job hunting and the really pretty girls seated at the table next to ours. :p

with Tita Lorna at Chinta Ria

7. Lunch with Liz. Liz is one of those people that I really connect with. We've known each other since I came to Australia and we've always gotten along really well. We have the same interests and think similarly about a lot of things. We also work in the same industry so our lengthy discussion about where our careers are heading really put things in perspective for me.

8. Coffee with Ala. I hadn't seen Ala in so long and now we've caught up two weekends in a row! :) I met up with her and Chris at Kinokuniya where I got a bit of education on comic books and graphic novels. They've never really caught my interest in the past because I thought they were all about testosterone, blood and gore. Ala got two books as a Moving to Australia Anniversary present to herself. I got her another book as well. We then went to Starbucks where she bought us coffee. Lars and Miel followed and we just stayed there for the rest of the afternoon.

9. Blanca from Barcelona. Blanca is my friend's girlfriend and she just moved to Australia three weeks ago. It was great to talk to her cos we were speaking half broken Spanish and half broken English the whole time. It was good practice for us. :) I also found out that she used to work in Nou Camp and I nearly died. Six degrees of separation from Messi, Marquez and everyone else from my football team! I learned that Saviola is nice, Marquez smells good and Ronaldinho stinks! Hahaha. Anyway, I'm hoping to catch up with Blanca when she visits Canberra.

10. Joe's bbq. I've said goodbye to so many people since moving to Australia. It's just part of the networks that I've formed here. I met Joe when he was an Aiesec trainee two years ago. After staying here for a couple of years, he decided that it's time for him to head back to Brasil. It was a good farewell and as with all Aiesec parties, it was fuelled with lots of food, chatting and music.

Loot over here!

New MJ! :)

New MJ :)

My fairy godmother from WeHo strikes again. The Limited Edition Across the Universe 3-Disc DVD, MBMJ Posh shirt and gum boots for Bluesfest! :)

loot from tanya

I had a great day on Friday so I decided to pop by the shops whilst waiting for everyone to finish work. I've been holding off on shopping because I was supporting the girls' "cause" but seeing as the cause doesn't exist anymore, I decided to give myself a little treat. I call them the wedge with an edge.

wedge with an edge

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